3 Favorite Words

Today I have 3 favorite words. Being a Friday, the easy guess would be “It’s the weekend.” Nope, that’s not it. I’ll play the part of Vanna White here and display the letters T and B in the puzzle.

T _ _ _ _     B _ B _     B _ _ _ _

Any guesses? If not …

Here’s a hint …

Baby blimp 1

That’s right, the 3 words are Trump Baby Blimp.

baby blimp 2

To dishonor Trump’s visit to the UK, the Trump Baby Blimp flew over Parliament Square today.

Demonstrators float a blimp portraying U.S. President Donald Trump, next to a Union Flag above Parliament Square, during the visit by Trump and First Lady Melania Trump in London

Here’s the actual launching …

It just tickles me and will send me tittering off into the weekend. Not all were amused though.

Trump May

No smile for the camera? What’s that you say? That’s the best you can do under the circumstances? So let me get this straight. The guy on the left suggested the ouster (not to be confused with Ulster in Northern Ireland) of the woman on the right’s government while visiting the woman on the right’s country? OK, I understand. That’s just US Diplomacy 101 in action these days. That is, unless the leader is an authoritarian dictator. Then we just love them to bits.

Trump did respond to the TBB, saying it made him feel “unwelcome.” It worked! Congrats to our English brothers and sisters in the UK of which only 11% believe Trump is a good or great President according to a recent YouGov poll. That poll tells me the UK is smarter than the US. Hey, Betsy DeVos, can you improve the US education system to make us smarter? Never mind. Dumb question.

That does lead me to the next logical question though … How soon until the Trump Baby Blimp flies over Washington, DC? Someone please make it happen.