Mr Trump’s Wild Ride

Is it just me, or do some of you also feel that this proposed meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will go something like this …

train crash

Shame on me, but I wasn’t aware that North Korea has previously invited US Presidents, Republican and Democrat, to meet. I was so lulled into an eight year political coma with No Drama Obama in charge, that I really paid no attention whatsoever to politics, especially foreign politics. It’s not that I agreed with Obama’s every policy and action, but they were executed in such a professional manner that I was given little pause to think much about them.

And now North Korea invites this genius to meet…

hand holding

Before questioning as to why every previous President has NOT meet with North Korea, thereby legitimizing that rogue nation and placing them on par with the United States (although we do sink lower and lower each day that Trump reigns), Trump eagerly accepted the invitation. Kim Jong Un may be young, but I don’t think he’s stupid. He’ll be very well prepared for Trump. Rather than hop on one of those two trains on a collision course, Kim Jong Un may sit back and watch non-reader, no notes, shoot from the hip Donald Trump take the wheel of a tiny car suitable for his tiny hands and do what comes naturally to Trump.

car crash

If Kim Jong Un gets a meeting, North Korea has already won.