We Got a Leaker!

This morning, the blithering and blathering idiots hosting Fox & Friends asked UN Ambassador Nikki Haley to comment on their Fox story reporting that spy satellites detected that North Korea is moving more missiles in place for testing. That sounds like pretty sensitive stuff. To her credit, Nikki Haley responded this way …

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Un Thing Leads to Another

People are surprised when Donald Trump said today that he would be honored to meet North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. I’m not. There are no Trump properties developed in North Korea, so the market is wide open for hotel, casino and golf resort development. Trump Tower Pyongyang perhaps? Of course he wants to buddy up with Kim Jong Un. And who knows, maybe bankruptcy laws are even more lenient in North Korea than in the USA?

I just hope that Trump isn’t too disappointed when he finds out that this 27 year old North Korean leader named “Kim” isn’t a hot chick. I guess there’s no telling if Trump and Un will ever meet, but we know they at least will be in the same room this fall when they both travel to attend the World Dictator’s Conference in Monte Carlo.

North Korea Situation Going South

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley made these comments regarding the escalating tensions between the USA and North Korea.

“I appreciate all my counterparts wanting to talk about talks and negotiations (but) we are not dealing with a rational person.”

“This is not a rational person, who has not had rational acts, who is not thinking clearly.”

I appreciate Haley’s incisive analysis, but I have to ask the question …

Is she talking about Kim Jong Un or Donald Trump?