I’m Dreaming of a Black & Blue Christmas

I finished decorating (my face) for Christmas this year.

WARNING: If you are a sensitive blog reader, you probably are not reading this blog, so go ahead and click to Continue Reading in order to see the graphic pic on the next page.

Thanks to an “accident” last night (or at least that’s what my wife told the hospital staff), my face has been decorated black & blue, just in time for the Christmas season.


I wonder where I can get my wife a soft-sided frying pan for Christmas in order to avoid future “accidents.” That’s a lot of broken blood vessels. The story I’m telling everyone is that if they think I look bad, they should see the person that I fought. She’s all messed up.

Although I stayed black & blue free last Christmas, Christmas 2015 also saw me sporting a shiner on my eye. Click HERE to take a stroll down memory lane and read how Baby Jesus gave me a black eye.

Speaking of black & blue, wouldn’t my pic be a good choice for the cover of the digital single from Sunsets Rising called Black & Blue, a song about domestic abuse, available to stream for free by clicking this link? Oh look, you can also purchase it as a digital download for $0.99. What a great Christmas idea for those that you only casually care about.

If it is starting to look to you that this injured eye of mine is only a desperate and pathetic attempt at cross-promotion, I would be very insulted and almost not want to tell you that we have 3 other songs available for free streaming and digital download for only $0.99 each! But I am not a petty person, so here they are …

In exchange for you streaming and listening to these songs, over and over again until the subliminal messages contained therein take hold and get you to reach for your credit card to purchase the digital download, I will post periodic updates as the colors on my face will likely get more interesting as the days go by.

No, this was not a desperate attempt at cross-promotion, but a desperate attempt to score some powerful opioid pain-killers for the holidays. I mean, I will be around extended family. My witty repartee and charming persona that I had hoped would earn me some pain-killers worked against me as the medical staff determined that nobody could be in much pain and still be as delightful as I was today. Lesson learned, and next weekend after my next “accident” the medical staff can expect me to arrive surly on a gurney. Hmmm, that sounds like a potential song title.





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