Challenge Yourself

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw that Trump was running a new MAGA Challenge.

Maga Challenge

What do you get if you lose? 2 visits to the White House to meet that moron?

My mind spun (as always) with the possibilities of what Trump might be challeging us to do. Here’s a partial list of what I came up with …

Tell as many lies as you can in 1 minute. (Trump will always hold the record!)

  • Grab some neighborhood children and see how many kids can be crammed into a standard Homeland Security cage. Don’t worry, ICE says it’s safe and fun.
  • Come up with the best climate change denial.
  • Build the biggest wall you can in 1 hour, preferably along the Mexican border.
  • Offer the most heinous way for the Trump Administration to lower the bar even more.
  • Send as much money as you possibly can to the Trump 2020 campaign in 1 minute. Er, make it an hour. No, wait, just send as much money as you have.
  • Suggest the best way to keep Labor Secretary Wilbur Ross awake.

wilbur ross napping

  • Show the best way to get to the Trump rally in Mississippi. Oh, we have a winner!

Mississippi Truck

  • Demonstrate how Trump’s border wall is unassailable.

Here’s my possible winning entry …

wall climb fail.gif

Definitely, a losing entry here …

wall climbing

I think we can agree that those are all good challenge ideas, and I hope Trump files them away for later challenge consideration. Maybe I’ll even get a nomination as Challenge Secretary. Probably not. I forgot that he doesn’t do that anymore. Best I could hope for is Acting Challenge Secretary.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this particular MAGA Challenge involved a pro-Trump rap. This rap song is a little dated as we careen wildly toward 2020, but dare I enter Trumpatized 2.0 from 2018? It may not be pro-Trump, but it is definitely pro-anti-Trump. Download still available and free if you want it or just stream!

And a little known dark, hidden (well, not that hidden if I’m blogging about it) secret is that there was a Trumpatized 1.0. Stream for free.

I hate to break this news here, but I’ve been working on a new satirical Trump song called “He’s My President.” It’s a little country ditty that I’m afraid won’t vacate my head until I put it down on paper.  Consider yourselves warned.