Fall of Dance

One of our daughters is majoring in Performance Dance at college. I drove almost 300 miles one night this week just to see her dance a solo in some performance on campus. She’s a beautiful dancer, so I was looking forward to seeing her dance in a piece that she choreographed herself. And then it happened …

She fell. And then she fell again … and again … and again. I counted nine total falls, and that doesn’t count the semi-falls where she started to get up, but fell again. My wife tells me that this fall of hers that I videoed shows incredible body and muscle control.

Keeley Fall.gif

That is not slow motion. I believe my wife that it was a difficult move. She has been a dance mom for three girls. Never question a dance mom about a dance question. But I came there to see my daughter dance, not fall and spend much of her “dance” on the ground. Could be worse I guess. One performer spent her whole “dance” laying on a table and another walked or ran across the stage back and forth during her solo.

Ever since our daughter started dancing at age three, she was always the dancer with “it,” the intangible extra that drew all eyes to her. I initially thought it might be because she was black in a predominantly white community, but over time I came to realize she was quite a talented dancer. I guess the investment of tens of thousands of dollars in dance lessons, competitions, and costumes is paying off for her if she is studying to be a professional dancer. I would just like her to stay on her feet a little more, and of course stay away from any poles on stage.

But my daughter has fallen under the influence of modern dance, which basically means any movement a dancer makes that may have some meaning behind it can be interpreted as dance. I will admit that her piece was emotionally charged and powerful. It told a compelling story to the audience, while all the time I was in the crowd whispering “Get up.” Her instructor came up to us after show and raved about how good it was and how she should enter it into some festival. Hey, maybe this October for a “fall” festival.