Treason Inside the War on Christmas

We are in a foxhole standing shoulder-to-shoulder, ankle deep in our own filth as we bravely wage the war to defend Christmas. No longer will Barack Alleged Obama not say Merry Christmas to the American people.

OK, bad example. But how do we know the context of those alleged Merry Christmases? Perhaps they were being said in way to mock the USA for the amusement of Obama’s ISIS co-conspirators.

Thankfully, we now have a new Royal Family to lead the way to a Merry Christmas and wage war on those who only wish Happy Holidays. Just take a look at Donald Trump’s Twitter home page image …

Trump Twitter Home Page Christmas

How festive! That got my boughs of holly a-tingling with Christmas cheer. Let’s check in on daughter Ivanka this Christmas season …

Ivanka Holidays

Oops. It’s really OK though. We all should know by now that Trump rules do not apply to himself or his family. At least I am sure Fox is 100% on board with the Merry Christmas program …

Treason Greetings

Well, it’s not a Merry Christmas, but I guess I’ll take a Treason’s Greetings.