Park that Ford on the Bench

About a year and a half ago, I named my all-President basketball team. My line-up:

  • Barack Obama at point guard
  • Dwight Eisenhower at shooting guard
  • George H.W. Bush at small forward
  • Gerald Ford at power forward
  • Abraham Lincoln at center

But then I saw this new painting that some pro-Trump painter is currently hawking online.

Trump Painting Presidents

Gross. I have so many questions …

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Treason Inside the War on Christmas

We are in a foxhole standing shoulder-to-shoulder, ankle deep in our own filth as we bravely wage the war to defend Christmas. No longer will Barack Alleged Obama not say Merry Christmas to the American people.

OK, bad example. But how do we know the context of those alleged Merry Christmases? Perhaps they were being said in way to mock the USA for the amusement of Obama’s ISIS co-conspirators.

Thankfully, we now have a new Royal Family to lead the way to a Merry Christmas and wage war on those who only wish Happy Holidays. Just take a look at Donald Trump’s Twitter home page image …

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The One Million Job Myth

I hear Donald Trump proclaiming all the time about adding one million jobs during his first six months in office. Hey, that sounds pretty good. If we just take a look at the economy, maybe we’ll see that he is doing a good job. I do realize that there’s more to Trump than just the economy like the Nazi love, gutting healthcare and social services, ruining the environment, misogyny, wasting tax dollars on a wall, and I grow weary of listing them all. But hey, how about that economy and job creation?

I headed right to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Don’t be afraid of statistics. You can safely click “Continue reading.” I promise that you will not be required to do any math.

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Obama’s Oversight

A week after leaving office in an exclusive interview with our crack investigative team, President Obama admitted a major oversight during his administration. “I’m not really sure how we missed it,” puzzled the former President. “Everyone knew we were going to do it, and then we just never got around to it.”

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