Park that Ford on the Bench

About a year and a half ago, I named my all-President basketball team. My line-up:

  • Barack Obama at point guard
  • Dwight Eisenhower at shooting guard
  • George H.W. Bush at small forward
  • Gerald Ford at power forward
  • Abraham Lincoln at center

But then I saw this new painting that some pro-Trump painter is currently hawking online.

Trump Painting Presidents

Gross. I have so many questions …

First, why is Dr. Martin Luther King in the back of the picture behind Lincoln? Oh, never mind. Silly question when I know it was painted by a Trump supporter.

But why is MLK in the back with Robert E. Lee? Lee wasn’t a great American.

MLK & Lee

Maybe the artist wanted more than one traitor besides Trump in the painting.

And what’s up with Ron Reagan?

Reagan Mantegna

Why does he look more like actor Joe Mantegna than Reagan?


But most importantly, did you get a good look at George Washington’s height and wingspan? He easily reached right around JFK to snag some greasy Trump shoulder.

Washington reach

Gerry Ford, grab some bench. My new starting power forward is George Washington. Hey, General! Lincoln is manning the high post. You work the low post, but watch the damn 3 second lane violations. There is no Presidential pardon for that.