Park that Ford on the Bench

About a year and a half ago, I named my all-President basketball team. My line-up:

  • Barack Obama at point guard
  • Dwight Eisenhower at shooting guard
  • George H.W. Bush at small forward
  • Gerald Ford at power forward
  • Abraham Lincoln at center

But then I saw this new painting that some pro-Trump painter is currently hawking online.

Trump Painting Presidents

Gross. I have so many questions …

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The Three Amigos

There are people everywhere appalled at this pic.

3 presidents

Not me. I see a couple obvious common threads. First one:

  • Lincoln freed the slaves.
  • Reagan freed the rich from taxation.
  • Trump freed Republicans from common sense.

But the one that really jumps out at me is …

  • Lincoln was assassinated.
  • Reagan survived an attempted assassination.
  • Trump is trying to assassinate himself through the use of hydroxychloroquine and refusal to wear a mask.

My only advice is … try harder.

Another Trump Post From Flanigan Flanigan (don’t worry, this odd title will make sense if you read this post)

Warning … Warning … Warning

This is a REAL pic that Trump tweeted within the past day. I have not doctored it in any way as I have been known to do.


Trump seems so proud of it. How very personal. Signed by Nancy & Reagan Reagan. Wait, Reagan who? Reagan Reagan? Can you stutter when writing your name? Maybe Reagan Reagan is the dude with the gold braiding and epaulets over there to the right of Ronnie in the pic.

Well, if Ronnie’s signature is fake, maybe the “With best wishes” sentiment is phony, too. Based on what Trump stands for, I think this makes more sense …

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