The One Million Job Myth

I hear Donald Trump proclaiming all the time about adding one million jobs during his first six months in office. Hey, that sounds pretty good. If we just take a look at the economy, maybe we’ll see that he is doing a good job. I do realize that there’s more to Trump than just the economy like the Nazi love, gutting healthcare and social services, ruining the environment, misogyny, wasting tax dollars on a wall, and I grow weary of listing them all. But hey, how about that economy and job creation?

I headed right to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Don’t be afraid of statistics. You can safely click “Continue reading.” I promise that you will not be required to do any math.

That looks like a very official URL. You can see the “bls” in there that stands for Bureau of Labor Statistics and the “.gov” to show it is an official government website. To my untrained eyes, that does not look like a Fake News website. Actually, Trump is the boss of that website. Trump is ultimately responsible for the content of that website. So, let’s take a look at what Trump’s website says about job creation.

Oh look, there’s a handy chart on the website with the number of jobs created by month since 2007.

BLS Chart

Yikes, I don’t even need a calculator to see 2008 was a bad year. No wonder Obama won the election. And what was Obama doing in 2009? Playing golf all the time instead of fixing the economy? Oh wait, that’s the new guy.

Speaking of the new guy, how did Trump actually do from January through June in 2017? Over one million jobs! Hey, he was actually not lying about that. He better watch that truth-telling. He may get a good reputation. Heck, it may even become a habit. Nah, that will not happen. Anyway, that job creation number does sound pretty good. In his first six months on the job, Obama lost almost four million jobs! Maybe he should have played more golf like Trump.

Moving on, 2010 looks a bit better, and 2011 is starting to actually look robust. That’s over two million jobs added in 2011. Hmmm, 2012 and 2013 look even better, also topping two million each year. Wow, we hit three million jobs added in 2014! 2015 is down from 2014 just a bit, but still very strong, and we topped over two million again in 2016.

Wait a minute. Does Donald Trump’s Bureau of Labor Statistics really want me to believe that the Obama administration not only fixed a terrible economy that he inherited, but also added jobs from 2011 through the end of his term at the same rate or better than Trump is crowing about achieving in the first half of 2017? Does Trump’s fancy government bureau (remember, it has its own website!) really want us to believe that a Kenyan-born, Muslim President who planned to take everyone’s guns was just as effective or more effective than great businessman Donald Trump at creating jobs during Obama’s last six years in office? Oh sorry, I got caught up in mixing Obama myths in that last sentence.

Let’s recap.

Over one million jobs were created during the first half of 2017 while Donald Trump has been at the helm of the Trumptanic. That’s good.

During Barack Obama’s last six years, between two and three million jobs were created each and every year. That’s better!

I think that there is only one course of action for Donald Trump. He must order the erasure of any pre-Trump statistics, and if his Bureau of Labor Statistics refuses, there is only one thing that Donald Trump will have to say to them …

You’re fired!

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