In the Flanigan house, we are going through a lot of ch-ch-ch-changes as David Bowie once sang. He went on to sing-splain, “Changes are taking the pace I’m going through.” Hmm, let’s scratch that Bowie tune. Upon further review, I don’t have a clue as to what he’s talking about.

Sorry, Dave.

I seem to recall Buddy Miles singing about “Them Changes.” He came close to describing what’s going on when he sang, “Well my mind is goin’ through them changes.” Although it’s funky, it’s not a perfect fit. First, I’ve already lost my mind. Second, it’s my whole family going through changes.

I had to dig deep in the musical dustbin to find an original member of The Animals from the 1960s who sang a solo number called “Changes” on the 1973 soundtrack , album to the UK film O Lucky Man! There, ex-Animal Alan Price sang “Everyone is going through changes” to the tune of a church hymn. Whew! That was a roundabout way to explain that there is a lot of change going on in my house these days.

So, what are the ch-ch-ch-changes that I’m writing about?

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The One Million Job Myth

I hear Donald Trump proclaiming all the time about adding one million jobs during his first six months in office. Hey, that sounds pretty good. If we just take a look at the economy, maybe we’ll see that he is doing a good job. I do realize that there’s more to Trump than just the economy like the Nazi love, gutting healthcare and social services, ruining the environment, misogyny, wasting tax dollars on a wall, and I grow weary of listing them all. But hey, how about that economy and job creation?

I headed right to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Don’t be afraid of statistics. You can safely click “Continue reading.” I promise that you will not be required to do any math.

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