Rapid Climate Change

The newly released UN report on climate change warns of devastating changes in the coming decades, especially to coastal areas. The east coast of the US, including our nation’s capital, may eventually be submerged. But then I saw this news item, and climate change seems to be happening much faster that anticipated, at least in Washington, DC.

I hate to think of President Uncle Joe’s man cave in the White House basement being flooded. I envision him slogging around on a squishy carpet in hip waders trying to play pool. Anyway, if true, this story is huge and underreported. Then again, it is from Fox, so the chances of it being true are the same as a glacier’s in 2050.

So, what, if anything, can be done about climate change? Click here to buy my book on Amazon to find out. Two of the stories are set in the future. See what I think the future may bring.

Treason Inside the War on Christmas

We are in a foxhole standing shoulder-to-shoulder, ankle deep in our own filth as we bravely wage the war to defend Christmas. No longer will Barack Alleged Obama not say Merry Christmas to the American people.

OK, bad example. But how do we know the context of those alleged Merry Christmases? Perhaps they were being said in way to mock the USA for the amusement of Obama’s ISIS co-conspirators.

Thankfully, we now have a new Royal Family to lead the way to a Merry Christmas and wage war on those who only wish Happy Holidays. Just take a look at Donald Trump’s Twitter home page image …

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