Trump Shuts Down Blogger

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has shut down this blog and most other humorous political blogs.

In the span of 24 hours, Trump has made so many idiotic moves and said so many idiotic things that it is not possible to write anything humorous or satirical that is funnier than the actual reality of Trump’s life, words and actions.


  • Throwing a crying baby out of a rally.
  • Continuing to insult a war hero’s family.
  • Offering sound advice for sexual harassment at work … just quit.
  • Refusing to endorse Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain after they had endorsed him.
  • Tweeting that President Obama is the worst President ever. (In fairness to Trump, this one is expected as an almost daily occurrence.)
  • Accusing two fire marshals of having political motives while doing their job.
  • Referring to Hillary Clinton as the devil.
  • Posing with a KFC bucket on his plane.
  • Insulting the city of Harrisburg, PA, the capital of a state he desperately needs to win in November.
  •  Signing an anti-porn pledge just days after nude pics of his wife were published.
  • Issuing a crazy, rambling statement about the Middle East, ISIS, President Obama & Hillary Clinton.
  • Accepting a Purple Heart from a supporter and then making a joke about it.
  • Implying that the November general election will be rigged.

And humorous political bloggers are supposed to top that? Pick any one of those above. Write just the facts about it. That factual story will be funnier and weirder than any satirical piece that we can write. I am left to quote Donald Trump on the state of political bloggers in this country as long as he has days like that one above … Sad.

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