“Jeb Can Fix It” Campaign Portends Bush’s Next Career

Jeb Bush has launched his “Jeb Can Fix it” campaign as his presidential aspirations continue to dissipate into the ether. This new campaign appears to have a dual purpose. The first is a last ditch effort to resurrect his flaccid presidential effort. Considering that Bush is dropping in the polls faster than Donald Trump wants to deport illegal Mexican immigrants, it is unlikely that Jeb will be elected to the White House. A leaked, revised Jeb! logo provides some perspective for Bush’s real purpose with the “Fix It” campaign.

Jeb Can Fit It Handyman Services
Jeb Can Fix It Handyman Services

Handy with a wrench, hammer, shovel or rake, Jeb Bush looks to build a customer base for his handyman business while he still has some national exposure. If this campaign works, Bush may indeed still reach the White House, not as President but perhaps to rod out a drain clogged with Donald Trump’s hair.