Too Much of a Bad Thing

I’ve really tried recently to back away from all things Trump. He lost. He will most likely be prosecuted by someone, somewhere after he leaves the White House. Joe Biden will be the next President of the USA as of January 20th. After four years of Trump’s nonsensical, destructive alternative-reality, I’m sick of hearing from and about him. So, I’ve been staying away from cable news and Twitter. However, my wife tells me that Trump won’t leave and insists he didn’t lose and still plans to be living in the White House after January 20th. I wonder how he’ll like sharing the White House with the Biden’s large German Shepherds.

I hear that dogs love Trump …

And speaking of dogs, what or who do you see in this dog’s ear?

If you see anything or anyone other than the inside of a dog’s ear, you need to stop watching cable news and scrolling Twitter.

But we should all listen to excerpts from the call Trump made to Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State and his attorney, Ryan Germany.

That is a crime. It is also sad as Trump rambles, threatens, promotes wild conspiracy theories, and begs. He knows that once he is out of the White House, he will have a prosecutorial target on his back. This call validated the need for that future prosecution.

I’m sure Trump thinks this type of phone call is just fine. Here’s a cartoon from back in the Ukraine call days that got him impeached.

Thanks to @repeat1968 on Twitter. John also happens to be the illustrator for my political potboiler novella from Spring of 2020, still available from Amazon.

I’ve had it with Trump. I want to ignore him, but we can’t. We didn’t after he was elected in 2016. Unlike Trump supporters who these days are threatening violence, we cried, peacefully protested, organized, and got Democrats elected. I know it wasn’t rigged voting machines or shredded ballots, because I was part of the hard work along with many of you. In my backyard, here’s the progress …

And now a Democrat like me will be on the ballot in April for a local position that has been controlled by Republicans forever. I may not be the ideal candidate and may not have much of a chance of winning, but competition is good for democracy.

So, I guess we must stay diligent for the next 16 days until Joe Biden is inaugurated as President of the USA. And then I guess we all must stay diligent forever as Republicans have shown their true colors during these past 4 years. We can’t afford complacency that results in corrupt Republican leadership. We must perservere. Too many depend on us. Here’s why I think we all need to continue the fight to elect Democrats …

Trump is nails on a chalkboard to me. Scrape away for 16 more days and then get the hell out of the People’s House. It will have new occupants. Trump will then be free of the burdens of governance. He can escape to the golf course, although once the prosecutions start, I suggest escaping to a country without extradition agreements with the USA. Here’s a map …

I hear Russia is beautiful this time of the year. Bon voyage and good riddance. Oh, that reminds me, I need to take out the trash tonight.