Mite Be Funny #290


Doggone Dog

I felt terrible this morning. Our dog ran through some wilder parts of our property and came out covered in burrs (good name for an album). Not just on his body, but all around his eyes, mouth, and ears. Ouch. It looked so painful. I cleaned him up pretty well, but I took more than 100 burrs off him.

I could almost hear him thinking, “How could you let this happen to me?” I assured him I would clear out the burrs. He got nothing but sympathy from me … until he tried to eat the pile of burrs.

Stupid dog.

A Holiday Gone to the Dogs

I had some time off over the Christmas holiday, so I focused my attention on the dogs, much to their dismay. We have 2 dogs now, a standard poodle and a rescue mutt that is part basset hound and part slinky. Our poodle Lola grew to be a bit larger than we had hoped, so I tried to turn her into a toy poodle over the holiday. Was I successful? Take a look and you be the judge.

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Too Much of a Bad Thing

I’ve really tried recently to back away from all things Trump. He lost. He will most likely be prosecuted by someone, somewhere after he leaves the White House. Joe Biden will be the next President of the USA as of January 20th. After four years of Trump’s nonsensical, destructive alternative-reality, I’m sick of hearing from and about him. So, I’ve been staying away from cable news and Twitter. However, my wife tells me that Trump won’t leave and insists he didn’t lose and still plans to be living in the White House after January 20th. I wonder how he’ll like sharing the White House with the Biden’s large German Shepherds.

I hear that dogs love Trump …

And speaking of dogs, what or who do you see in this dog’s ear?

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I May Not Survive

My wife and youngest daughter have left for a three day trip to camp. I have been left at home with my youngest son, middle daughter, a puppy and a geriatric dog (14 years old). Our son did not even come home yesterday after work, so he is likely to be no help today. Our daughter does assist, but tends to sleep during day and stay awake all night. I think she may be struggling with a light case of vampirism. The dogs are nothing but trouble. Here’s how my first few hours alone went. Spoiler alert … NOT WELL!

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