A Holiday Gone to the Dogs

I had some time off over the Christmas holiday, so I focused my attention on the dogs, much to their dismay. We have 2 dogs now, a standard poodle and a rescue mutt that is part basset hound and part slinky. Our poodle Lola grew to be a bit larger than we had hoped, so I tried to turn her into a toy poodle over the holiday. Was I successful? Take a look and you be the judge.

Get it? Credit or blame goes to my oldest son for that lame joke. If he keeps working at it, I think he’s got a promising future ahead of him in dad jokes.

A few years back there was a series of disgusting Human Centipede films. I wondered if they could make a Human Centipede, how about a Canine Centipede? And now that we have 2 dogs …

Well, the temptation was too much for me to resist, but I don’t think I followed the directions quite right.

Utter failure. The operation was a success, but I still have 2 mouths to feed!

Yes, this post was just a clever (?) ploy to get Lola and Finn some blog exposure. It turns out that they had a bone to pick with me. They told me it’s ruff to live in the shadow of a blogging wag like me, always barking orders at them to do something funny so I can write about their antics. They have no intention of rolling over and acquiescing to my content demands. They would prefer I just sit and be a good boy. Well, I refuse to have my house broken over these blogging ideological schisms between man and dogs. Fetch me my growler of beer, and I will soon have another tail to tell. You ask, “What fur?” Fur the lame dad jokes and awkward wordplay, of course.

The bar is set high for my oldest son, or would that be low?


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