Slowing My Roll to a Stroll

Shortly after I was crowing in a post about losing weight through diet & exercise (who knew that would work?), I encountered a setback this weekend. While taking a stupid walk, my stupid dog lunged at at a stupid chunk of asphalt in the stupid road that she mistook for a stupid animal, unexpectedly jerking the stupid leash that I stupidly held, and my stupid knee was reinjured. Back to the knee brace for me …

Knee brace on

I’m not happy about it, and my knee brace also looked displeased …

Knee brace frown

I haven’t stopped exercising, but my walks have become strolls, and my bike rides have become leisurely sightseeing excursions. That does have some advantages. Just this morning, I encountered this photogenic family while biking …

deer family

Has the deer a little doe? Nah, just a couple of bucks!

Deer fawns

Well, maybe they are two bucks. I got close, but not that close.

On Monday, I strolled through the neighborhood rather than walking. I enjoyed some of the unique properties in the area like this one …


Yep, that is supposed to be someone’s “yard.” The “We Believe” & BLM signs on both sides of the street give me comfort and hope.

Signs Believe & BLM

I appreciate the comfort and hope. Is it too much to ask to keep the weight loss going despite the lower intensity exercise for a while? Only time, and me (of course), will tell. Stay tuned.