Spam Much?

I signed-up for Trump’s NH rally that was ultimately canceled. I didn’t plan to go, but I wanted to see what they would do with my email. Spam bomb time and all very grifty. This is a perfect example …


Hmmm, for $20 I get a FREE yard sign. I don’t think they understand how FREE works.

But what if you have more money to spend on FREE merchandise and want to be more welcoming to other Trump supporters? Then this next offer is for you, but act quickly.

email trump8


Ew, gross. Although it would certainly keep most of my nosy neighbors away.

Maybe we won’t even be home. We may be on a trip. Here’s a possibility …

email trump11

Uh, Florida, huh? I’m going to have to take a hard pass on that one. Anywhere else?

email trump5

Is that offer even legal? What does the second place winner get? Two tickets?

I don’t think I really need to meet Trump at an event, but how about a picture?

email trump4

Which pic do I want Trump to sign? I voted for this one …

Trump Line-up

I really wouldn’t give 2 coins for a signed pic of Trump, unless the coins were these two worthless pieces of metal …

email trump7

email trump6

Two of my least favorite people. Midnight couldn’t come fast enough for me so that offer expired. And that thumping sound you hear? That’s probably Reagan turning over in his grave.

As we have learned, Trump grifting is a family affair. Here’s Lara Trump trying to help out. You remember Lara, right? She’s the wife of Gums.


Yikes! Sure, we all know Gums Trump, so we all should know his wife, Lara Trump, right?

From Mary Trump’s book, “’Lara, there,’” Trump said, gesturing toward her, Mary Trump writes. “‘I barely even knew who the f— she was, honestly, but then she gave a great speech during the campaign in Georgia supporting me.’ By then, Lara and Eric had been together for almost eight years, so presumably Donald had at least met her at their wedding.”

The important thing is that Lara knows me and has extended this super offer …


The only way I would join that club is if I could use it to beat Trump over the head with it. Props to Groucho for that old joke.

After all those emails and more that didn’t make this blog post, my record is impeccable.

email trump1