Another Edition of Twitter Pics

I couldn’t come up with a mulch cartoon today, so you get more Twitter funnies. You’re welcome!

Here’s a campaign sign for Trump that I can get behind …

Trump Campaign Sign

Speaking of getting behind Trump, today he delivered the most cogent tweet he has ever tweeted …

Trump Tweet Dots

That is Morse code for H. Makes sense to me if you add an E, L, & P.

Let’s take a quick break for a Daily Show video about Trump’s imaginary friend Zippy.

Wow. John Barron and David Dennison are going to be jealous.

Here’s a tweet from an MLB umpire who runs a Christian ministry …


He seems nice, but a terrible speller.

And speaking of MLB, Trump will NOT be throwing out a first pitch in any World Series game, probably because of all his balance issues. But you know his diseased mind is thinking this …

Trump MLB cartoon

Thanks to fellow Resister @repeat1968 for that brilliant cartoon.

And if you ever think about trying to convince a MAGA-loving Trump supporter to abandon him, here’s a great argument against trying.

Maga women tattoo