Summit Will Not Take Place June 12th

The Jim Flanigan Looks at the World investigative team of reporters, grifters and Joel Osteen followers is pleased to break the news (and some wind) that the Kim – Trump summit will not happen on June 12th. Details follow.

The reason is that it already happened yesterday as Kim Kardashian met with Donald Trump to explain prison reform to him.

Kim Trump Summit.jpg

The star of Keeping up with the Kardashians did her best to explain prison reform to someone who would be challenged to name all 50 states, and who has trouble keeping up with where his wife is hiding.

From there, Trump oversaw the Sports & Fitness Day activities on the White House Lawn where the kids took part in sports, races and learned about nutrition.

sports fitness day

Kind of reminds me of a zeppelin hovering above while Falcon F-16 fighter jets go through their maneuvers. I really think it is great that Trump showed the kids what could happen to them if they don’t eat properly or exercise. Reportedly, Trump was eager to watch Kim Kardashian run some races with the kids. I’m sure he was.