Swing & Miss(ile)

We already covered Donald Trump’s disastrous summit in Vietnam with Kim Jong-un. Now we get word that North Korea appears to be rebuilding a nuclear missile test site.

North Korea nuclear test site rebuild

I can’t tell anything from that picture. That could be an overhead pic of a mile away from my house for all I know. But the experts seem to think it looks fishy. Regardless of whether North Korea is actually rebuilding its nuclear test site or not, I saw this on Twitter and thought it just so perfectly summed-up the Trump-Kim relationship.

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Some Summit

The Donald Trump – Kim Jong-un Summit in Vietnam is over quicker than expected. Trump left earlier than planned and looked grumpy. Maybe it was the chairs?

kim trump chairs

Were the chairs chosen to make Kim look slim and tall while Trumpy looks short and fat? If so, that worked perfectly. And speaking of fat, here’s an artist’s conception of possibly why they could not reach any agreement …

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Flies On Washington Walls #116 – Special Multi-Panel Commemorative Trump-Putin Summit Edition

We are appreciative of our intrepid Flies On Washington Walls who stowed away on Air Force One so they could sit in on the Trump-Putin Summit.

FOWW #116a Putin Summit

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Breaking News Fore You

Yeah, yeah, I know the title is misspelled. Par for the course, right. Hmm, I wonder what this post might be ultimately about.

Today’s normally scheduled post which does contain a reference to my toenails has been bumped to tomorrow in lieu of a Special Jim Flanigan Looks at the World Investigation. We were simply not satisfied that the Donald Trump – Kim Jong Un summit in June was canceled because North Korea called Mike Pence a dummy. They certainly did call him that, but no harm since everyone knows he is a dummy. That is no reason to cancel a summit that will legitimize a brutal dictator. We looked further and this is what we uncovered …

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