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Yeah, yeah, I know the title is misspelled. Par for the course, right. Hmm, I wonder what this post might be ultimately about.

Today’s normally scheduled post which does contain a reference to my toenails has been bumped to tomorrow in lieu of a Special Jim Flanigan Looks at the World Investigation. We were simply not satisfied that the Donald Trump – Kim Jong Un summit in June was canceled because North Korea called Mike Pence a dummy. They certainly did call him that, but no harm since everyone knows he is a dummy. That is no reason to cancel a summit that will legitimize a brutal dictator. We looked further and this is what we uncovered …

Take a look at this table showing golf courses per capita in the world …


Golf stats

What’s missing? Here’s a hint … where is the Trump-Un summit supposed to take place? That’s right, the city-state of Singapore. Now if you are a Trump supporter, you have no clue as to where Singapore is. It’s an island city-state just off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. OK, so that doesn’t help Trump supporters at all. The bottom line is that the whole country is surrounded by a huge water hazard. That’s not good for golf.

Let’s add Singapore to the list and see how it compares …

Golf stats Singapore

That’s a lot of people in Singapore and not a lot of golf courses. Obviously, the hold-up to the summit involves securing tee times for Trump on the few courses in Singapore. He is laser-focused on the one thing that has consumed his tenure in DC … golf.

Q: What does Donald Trump love about golf?

A: The lies.

Sorry, golf joke. I hope both sides continue to putter around with trying to iron out the details and schedule this summit even though it may be rough. It should be comedy gold, although it may also result in thermonuclear annihilation. That’s a chance I’m willing to take.