We Interrupt This Blog …

I hate to bring you the bad news, but the regularly scheduled blog post featuring information about my toenails has been bumped again to tomorrow. I can understand and support your decision to never read this blog again if you are that upset by these scheduling changes or are simply sick of this blog. There are days that I never want to post again. The reason for this schedule change is special. It is an opportunity to pull back the curtain and get to know me a little too well in a way that we will both feel very uncomfortable. I’m featured on a YouTube video …

Well, my voice is at least. I sort of thought the whole idea of videos was being able to see something. Regardless, a fledgling liberal media outlet called Hard Lens Media interviewed me about Trumpatized 2018 v2.0 and turned it into a YouTube video. It was supposed to be a Skype interview, but maybe they heard that I have a face made for audio. After hearing myself, I think I may have a voice made for pantomime.

Without further ado, I present to you the Hard Lens Media interview about Trumpatized 2018 v2.0.

HINT: For maximum enjoyment, most people just skip ahead to the 15:54 spot and listen to the song Trumpatized 2018 v2.0, now available to stream on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.

My biggest regret is that I was unable (or unwilling?) to plug the Sunday morning Mite Be Funny cartoon franchise. Oh well, it will have to stand/fall and flourish/perish on its own merits.

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