Toad you so!

One of my tasks over the Memorial Day weekend was to clean out our pond. No, I was not cleaning out leaves or muck, but this …

tadpoles cropped.gif

That would be a bucket of hundreds of tiny toad tadpoles. I’m not sure if that was the first or second bucket I cleaned out. I am sure there are still plenty of tadpoles left in the pond after I carted away two buckets.

Don’t worry, the tadpoles did not go to waste. They were delicious. Just kidding. All those tadpoles were relocated to a much larger neighborhood park pond. No tadpoles were harmed in the making of the gif.

I was asked if I was sure they were not frog tadpoles rather than toad tadpoles. I’m not just sure, but I have proof. Here’s a pic I took of the toads doing their dirty deeds and stringing their eggs all over the place.


It is kind of hard to see, but the red arrow points to two toads underwater making babies and leaving strands of toad eggs throughout the pond. I felt bad for the female toad on the bottom holding her breath through the sex until I realized that millions of women world-wide get through sex the same way. By the way, I don’t always take pictures of toad sex, but well, you know how it is sometimes.

There is no real point or punchline to this blog post other than the clever title. However, with the Mite Be Funny cartoon franchise on life support, I wanted to float the concept of a cartoon called Toad You So. Seeing toads discuss current affairs from an amphibian’s perspective could be so much more compelling than from a mite’s viewpoint, although that may be like saying that having a cavity filled is better than a root canal. Neither is a good option. So allow me to bring this pointless post to a merciful end by trying out the tagline and saying, “Toad you so!” Ugh, that’s awful. Mites, make sure to report for work next Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Toad you so!

  1. A fun read. I used to have a small homemade pond in my backyard. It was nice seeing new frog/toad residents. Then one day I was looking out the window and noticed something big flapping around in the pond. Thinking it was some animal that didn’t belong, I went out to investigate. It was the biggest frog I had ever seen in my life! I mean, this thing was HUGE. It was also dead! Drowned? I dunno. Weirdest thing. I should have taken a picture of it, but it was gross. I ended up burying it.

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    1. Thanks for reading and liking. I do enjoy the pond, and it has been the source of a few blog posts over the years. Having a dead frog in the pond is always unpleasant and gross to pull out. I’ve taken a few out over the years. Our pond is not deep enough for animals to hibernate over the winter, so it is always a chore trying to track down any frogs, catch them, and transport them to the big pond before winter. If I don’t, I’m hauling their rotting carcasses out in the spring.

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