Some Summit

The Donald Trump – Kim Jong-un Summit in Vietnam is over quicker than expected. Trump left earlier than planned and looked grumpy. Maybe it was the chairs?

kim trump chairs

Were the chairs chosen to make Kim look slim and tall while Trumpy looks short and fat? If so, that worked perfectly. And speaking of fat, here’s an artist’s conception of possibly why they could not reach any agreement …

kim trump

Thanks @repeat1968 on Twitter for that gem.

I don’t want to make it sound like the summit was a waste of time. Something was accomplished. Trump further legitimized Kim, a brutal dictator and killer of his own Korean people. Trump can only dream of that at this point. Maybe Trump stopped the summit early before the general public saw this …

kim trump puppet

Watch out Donald, Putin may get jealous. Thanks to @Tarquin_Helmet on Twitter for that graphic.

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump may not have reached any sort of nuclear agreement whatsoever, but they’ll always have their memories of the exquisite beaches in Vietnam.

kim trump swim

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