No Secrets!

Donald Trump is a guy who has repeatedly claimed that he never would divulge his military strategy, I think mainly because he typically doesn’t have one. Now that bombing Syria looks like an option, Trump is only too willing to share that with the world …

Trump Tweet Russian Missiles

Nice poker face Trump. Now the world knows that Tomahawk (smart) missiles are coming. Russia knows where our Tomahawk missiles are positioned, so they know from what direction they will come. Russia will be ready with defense mechanisms and also the Trump pee tape.

Even Scott Pruitt of the EPA wants a soundproof room, and it is ZERO secret that he is working towards one goal – ruining the environment. A soundproof room at the White House may not help Trump since he is more often on his golf courses than working, but here’s a portable Cone of Silence that Trump can take with him to try and keep our military strategy under wraps a bit more …

cone of silence portable.gif

And of course, someone needs to take away his damn phone.