In Defense of Scott Pruitt

I haven’t blogged much about EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt since this post after his confirmation. He’s one of the few Trump Cabinet members actually doing a lot of work, albeit dismantling environmental regulations. I guess there was that time recently when security had to break down the door to his $50 a night condo when they feared the worst, but he was just taking a nap. Maybe the CO2 got to him and made him a bit sleepy that day. Don’t worry, he was OK and we taxpayers got to pay the bill for the door repair.

Despite working hard to overturn environmental regulations, Scott Pruitt has somehow become one of the most-hated people in America. And when your own state-run Fox News turns on you, that’s when Scott Pruitt has to feel like everyone hates him. Here are some juicy bits from the Fox News interview where Pruitt repeatedly misrepresents the truth …

Ugh, I always feel dirty suggesting a watch of a Fox News segment. In fairness to Ed Henry of Fox, who knew at the time that Pruitt would lie openly on the air? It is really hard to stay on top of Pruitt indiscretions. There are numerous layers to the Scott Pruitt scandal onion. There is the secure room he wanted built at taxpayer expense. But who wouldn’t want a Cone of Silence?


He also wants to be able to drive around DC with sirens wailing and lights flashing on his vehicles.

flashing lights.gif

I mean, how cool is that? Who wouldn’t want to drive around in that? And let’s stop and reflect for a moment. What happens when we see a vehicle with lights flashing and sirens wailing? We slow down, pull over and take a momentary break from driving. Isn’t that a healthy thing for all of us to do from time to time? Maybe we would be lucky for Scott Pruitt to drive by us with lights flashing and sirens wailing to allow us a moment of repose and reflection. Thanks Scott!

There are also the unauthorized gratuitous raises for favorite staffers and the trip to Morocco that actually spent more time in Paris. Hey, I am sure connecting flights through Paris are less expensive than direct flights to Marrakesh. It’s not their fault that they missed their connecting flight and <visible sigh>, were forced to spend another day in Paris. Well, at least he didn’t have to endure Paris alone. He had his wife, 7 staffers and numerous security people with him. He may be the most-hated man in America, but he is never lonely.

The really big scandal surrounding Scott Pruitt seems to be the $50 per night condo he rented from a pro-energy lobbyist. Pruitt seems to believe that $50 a night is market rate. Well, I took a look to see what I could find if I traveled to DC in a month. Just take a look at some of these rates!

DC Hotels

I’m not so sure about this website I used. They spell ‘hotel’ wrong. Huh. But the rates are excellent, and take a look at that Capital View place. Looks like you have a choice of 4 beds! And bunk beds at that, which are so cool. If there is a scandal here, it looks like Pruitt may be overpaying for hostels hotels at $50 per night. Sorry for the language, but dang it all, isn’t Scott Pruitt worth $50 a night to the USA?



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