In Defense of Scott Pruitt

I haven’t blogged much about EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt since this post after his confirmation. He’s one of the few Trump Cabinet members actually doing a lot of work, albeit dismantling environmental regulations. I guess there was that time recently when security had to break down the door to his $50 a night condo when they feared the worst, but he was just taking a nap. Maybe the CO2 got to him and made him a bit sleepy that day. Don’t worry, he was OK and we taxpayers got to pay the bill for the door repair.

Despite working hard to overturn environmental regulations, Scott Pruitt has somehow become one of the most-hated people in America. And when your own state-run Fox News turns on you, that’s when Scott Pruitt has to feel like everyone hates him. Here are some juicy bits from the Fox News interview where Pruitt repeatedly misrepresents the truth …

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