My Vacation Water Rescue

Sure, I helped in a water rescue while on vacation. It was nothing. No need to heap praise or adulation on me. A key to the city might be nice, but I’m not pushing for it.

My wife had used a painful foot injury as a lame (pun intended) excuse to avoid shopping with relatives. So I was in downtown Grand Ledge, Michigan walking endlessly from shop to shop while looking for something sharp to purchase and thrust into my heart.

Part of the group I was with took a break from the excitement of shopping to walk along the river. My grand-niece commented that a man was calling 911. On us? I went to confront him and cause a scene. Anything to get out of more shopping to come.

He was calling 911 since there was a riding mower in the river.


Unfortunately …

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In Defense of Scott Pruitt

I haven’t blogged much about EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt since this post after his confirmation. He’s one of the few Trump Cabinet members actually doing a lot of work, albeit dismantling environmental regulations. I guess there was that time recently when security had to break down the door to his $50 a night condo when they feared the worst, but he was just taking a nap. Maybe the CO2 got to him and made him a bit sleepy that day. Don’t worry, he was OK and we taxpayers got to pay the bill for the door repair.

Despite working hard to overturn environmental regulations, Scott Pruitt has somehow become one of the most-hated people in America. And when your own state-run Fox News turns on you, that’s when Scott Pruitt has to feel like everyone hates him. Here are some juicy bits from the Fox News interview where Pruitt repeatedly misrepresents the truth …

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CO2? Pruitt Doesn’t.

Head of the EPA Scott Pruitt weighed in yesterday on whether CO2 emissions are causing global warming, “I would not agree that it’s (CO2) a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.” This is contrary to the EPA website that declares, “Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas that is contributing to recent climate change.”

Pruitt shared additional thoughts on CO2. “This so-called ‘invisible’ gas is supposed to be accelerating climate change? How can a gas we can’t even see cause that? How can we even be sure that such an alleged gas that we cannot see and cannot smell even exists?”

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos responded by issuing a statement that she planned to do or say something really stupid to quickly regain the mantle of dumbest Trump Cabinet member. Although Pruitt really threw down the gauntlet with his CO2 position, we have complete confidence in Betsy.