Am I a Bad Friend?

I fear I am not a good enough friend to one particular person. I have known him since high school. We drifted apart for a few years and only saw each other at bachelor parties where I and other friends always succeeded in getting him sick drunk in some very questionable, disreputable places. Ah, memories. So at this time, your answer to the title of this blog post is probably an enthusiastic “Yes!”

We have gotten closer over the past few years, but it always seems to be me suggesting we get together, never him. We have seen some concerts together, done some bike rides, and I got him into one of my fantasy football leagues. He’s a decent man date. But then I see him posting comments like this on Facebook …

Facebook Friend Comment

I can overlook that it is not an extremely clever comment. Some of his comments are quite clever as he comments on random Facebook pages all the freakin’ time. That’s the problem. Who posts on random Facebook pages all the time? It seems to me to be a desperate cry for friendship. I feel like I should be friendlier with him, but is it all my responsibility? I feel so blessed to have good friends, and I would be sad if he didn’t have the same.

I think I have a simple solution. I’ll still invite him to stuff, and if he comes, he comes. I won’t do anything different. I’ll still reach out to him. But the real solution involves adjusting my Facebook settings so I don’t see his comments that may be his written pleas for help and friendship. Problem solved!