Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Today marks the day that I posted first to this blog 2 years ago. I’d like to think that I started this blog as an apolitical blog with lots of hilarious posts about meteor showers and bath towels. Yes, there were some of those, although hilarious may be a strong adjective to use, but my first 4 posts were actually bipartisan political posts covering Mike Huckabee, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and of course, Donald Trump who was a real joke back then. Some things never change. It wasn’t long before I published one of my all-time favorite Trump posts about illegal immigration. Ah, the good old days when Trump satire still worked.

Before this post devolves into a “best of” post, I want to impart unto/inflict onto my readers all the things I have learned about writing and blogging in these past 2 years.

People love memes and animated gifs that can be digested quickly before moving onto the next, sort of like the soft food at a senior center. I need more crazy cat gifs to gain readership and followers.

cat-falling-over I have used this one before and it is certainly a good starting point to popular blogging. However, I still don’t know why envelopes are knocking the cat over. Why not spaceships, planes or birds?

Nobody reads blogs in the summer. Nobody. There are beaches to enjoy, skin to sunburn, and edibles/drinkables to consume outside. If you are reading this, you are a random, isolated anomaly of a human and need to question everything including your actual existence. I wonder what that makes me for writing this? If you are reading this during an Australian winter, read on mate and throw another shrimp on the barbie for me.

I started writing this blog to become a better writer, with the intent of finishing one of the 6 or so books I have started writing. I am not sure if I have become a better writer, but it is certainly easier now. A cousin of mine who is an editor advised me to stop being too “jokey.” There are some who would question that advice for someone who was striving to be a humor writer. However, I get it. She didn’t want me to become like a Dave Barry who is very jokey and has parlayed that jokiness into many published books. Hey, wait a minute! I may need to rethink that advice.

Blog followers like consistency. A blog needs a theme. My blog theme is inconsistency, although I have consistently been recently churning out Flies On Washington Walls and Mite Be Funny cartoons. However, the rest is a total crapshoot. I may be reviewing a concert I saw, blasting Trump for something, or working on a post about eating weeds (coming soon!). I have learned to veer away from subtle satire, which is really the best satire, as long as Trump is still making news. Satire is futile when it is believable, and anything can happen when Trump is involved.

I’m stubborn and determined. I never expected my Mite Be Funny cartoon to last more than a handful of weeks. Most readers hoped it would not. In Trump’s case, a handful may have been just a couple weeks. But here we are at 24 Mite Be Funny cartoons published with another couple months already written. My goal is 100. I am stubborn and determined to make it, despite reader complaints. Watch for more every Sunday morning. Mite Be Challenging.

Mite be funny humor

This one doesn’t count. Stupid mites with their “commentary.” Hey mites, try being more jokey for a change and we may get more followers and likes.

I have also learned that after 600 words, I have lost most readers, so bye for now and Happy Blogiversary To Me!