Trump Sets Twitter Record

Donald Trump, who would like to be thought of as the best in the world in everything, has indeed claimed yet another world record with this actual tweet from today …

Trump Tweet Kansas

With this tweet, Trump shattered the record for most lies in one tweet. There’s only so much you can lie about in 144 characters, but Trump squeezed in four whoppers. They are:

  1. “Great win in Kansas” – Not a great win, but a much closer than expected win.

  2. “easily winning” – Estes did not easily win.

  3. “the Dems, who spent heavily” – The Democrats spent next to nothing. Shame on them by the way.

  4. “& predicted victory” – The Democrats did not predict victory in a race they should have lost by 30 points, but lost by only 7.

Reports leaking from the White House indicate that Trump is disappointed that he didn’t claim the election was last week in order to bring the total to an insurmountable 5 lies in 144 characters. The one thing we can be certain of is that he will do his best to best this record sooner than later.