Apostrophe Catastrophe

Donald Trump is making news on this Presidents Day already.


Trump is probably too old to have gotten a participant trophy for soccer. They didn’t hand them out like diuretics at a nursing home back in the days when he was a wee lad. Now he wants his own trophe, or more correctly, his (apos)trophe. Wow, that is really a stretch, even for me.

Presidents Day? Nope, this day is not about a general milieu of presidents. This is about him. And isn’t General Milieu under consideration as National Security Advisor?

Presidents’ Day? Ah, the plural possessive form that literally nobody understands how to use properly, and certainly not Trump. Misusing an apostrophe? Trump says, “Your fired.”

President’s Day? He gets this. The day is his. Enjoy suckling at his presidential teat on President’s Day as the fake media writes that he has man boobs.

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