Happy Presidents Day

On this day, I want to extend my best wishes to our new President. He has truly accomplished a lot in his first 40 days or so in office. He has been quiet and dignified when in the public’s eye, and there’s so much more!

He did have a short-lived spat with the media, but obviously learned his lesson and that was the first and last we heard of it. He’s focused on protecting us from international terror, both real and imaginary. He has allowed Americans to do what we do best … be very afraid.

He’s done his best to fill his Cabinet with people like him. Heck, we voted him into office. Why wouldn’t we want more like him running our government?

It appears he has fully divested himself from his last business website venture so he can focus his efforts on being Our President. Without further accolades and ado, I want to wish a Happy Presidents Day to our new leader, President Steve Bannon.

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