Enemy of the People

I decided to follow Trump’s lead on the media. In response to this real Trump tweet from yesterday …


I punched out our paperboy this morning. I figured he must be complicit with our enemy, delivering their fake news. That did not work out well. And is it really fair that unexpired, perfectly good coupons cannot be used to help make bail?

I’ve had some time in my cell for personal introspection, contemplative thought and avoiding being shivved, not necessarily in that order. I hearkened back to my days as a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed (surgically removed later in life) math major in college. I started to piece together some principles of logic used in math to prove theorems, whatever those are. Try to follow my reasoning, but not too closely as I value my personal space.

The FAKE NEWS media is not Trump’s enemy.

The FAKE NEWS media is the enemy of the American People.

Therefore, by the construitive principle of logical thinkingness, you can come to the conclusion that I have no idea what I am talking about, but also that …

Trump is not an American People. It all starts to add up:

  • 2 of 3 wives foreign

  • Preferring to spend time in Florida, which is really not a part of the USA

  • Trump Vodka

  • Russian golden shower hookers

  • Inability to spell and use complete sentences in English

  • Love for Fox News that was created by Australian Rupert Murdoch

I’m starting to think that Trump may not be suitable and qualified for office. I’ll have to explore that thought further at a later date. It is my exercise time in the yard and my new roomies here insist on pressing me above their heads.



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