Carrier Deal Details Revealed

The recent Carrier deal that Donald Trump brokered has been decried by many. It just doesn’t seem to make sense. Well, we have gotten to the bottom of this deal, thanks to our relentless investigative reporting. It still doesn’t make sense, but we understand it better.

It turns out that the deal between Trump and Carrier includes more than just job and tax concessions. We have uncovered the juicy details that have been heretofore covered up.

Carrier will be chosen as the prime contractor for the Trump wall across the Mexican border. Trump intends to make good on his promise to build a wall, but has recently realized that the logistics and cost of building such a wall make it untenable.

Trump revisited some early concepts for a wall, including one that used illegal immigrants to actually make the wall.

Border wall test stack

Click HERE for full details on those early wall concepts. But those early concepts have been discarded faster than Chris Christie after election night when Trump found a willing partner in Carrier to make an actual wall that won’t run away when unattended.

The details of the Carrier wall deal are still being finalized, but we have been able to secure some pictures at the Carrier plant of Carrier air conditioning units in boxes being used to make a test wall.

Huge pile of cardboard boxes, forming a wall, ideal for backgrou

In an effort to make the above wall appear more formidable, the Carrier people have experimented with turning some of the boxes so corners and edges are exposed, potentially leading to more eye pokes and paper cuts for immigrants trying to scale the wall.


Now that is pretty imposing. but that’s not all. In an effort to Make America Great Again, the Carrier people are experimenting with a wall of air conditioners that are not in boxes. That’s right, they are thinking outside the box. In addition, the air conditioners would be powered up in the hot summer months with cool air being directed to the USA and the hot exhaust sent to the Mexican side.

Make America Cooler Again!

It looks like the wall will indeed be built. I didn’t like it at first, but it seems like a “cooler” idea now.

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