He’s Black. He’s Urban. He’s HUD Secretary.

Despite Dr Ben Carson previously admitting he is unqualified for a Cabinet position, or perhaps because of that admission, Trump has chosen Carson as Secretary of Health and Urban Development. Of course, he tweeted about it …


We monitor Trump’s tweets closely, and although this is the current version, there were a couple other versions he tweeted before this one that were hastily taken down, but not before we grabbed some screenshots.

Here’s the first tweet …


I am guessing that Trump figured the liberal media would have a field day misinterpreting and twisting that tweet to fit their left wing bias, so he replaced it with this one …


Frankly, I am shocked that he took that one down. But he did, and we are left puzzled with this one …


Why puzzled? The Facebook link on Trump’s tweet goes to this Sarah Palin Facebook video …

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