Senate Dems Raise Trump Cabinet IQ

Trump Tweet Cabinet empty

Donald Trump should be thanking rather than verbally spanking Senate Democrats. Several of Trump’s confirmed Cabinet members actually have lower IQ’s than the empty Cabinet seats they filled. By delaying confirmation of the remaining Trump Cabinet nominees, Senate Democrats may be helping keep the average IQ of Trump’s Cabinet higher than if all seats were filled. Betsy DeVos, the only Cabinet member with an IQ in negative double digits, was available for comment, but unable to utter an intelligible sentence.

He’s Black. He’s Urban. He’s HUD Secretary.

Despite Dr Ben Carson previously admitting he is unqualified for a Cabinet position, or perhaps because of that admission, Trump has chosen Carson as Secretary of Health and Urban Development. Of course, he tweeted about it …


We monitor Trump’s tweets closely, and although this is the current version, there were a couple other versions he tweeted before this one that were hastily taken down, but not before we grabbed some screenshots.

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Romney Controls Gag Reflex at Trump Dinner

Mitt Romney had dinner with Donald Trump in NY, reportedly to discuss his fit as a candidate for Secretary of State within the Trump Cabinet. Romney was surprisingly able to control his gag reflex especially considering that there was only one item on the menu for him to eat.

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Mike Huckabee Suggests Future Cabinet Nominees

Future Mike Huckabee Cabinet Appointees?
Future Mike Huckabee Cabinet Nominees?

Mike Huckabee gave America a glimpse of his future Cabinet if elected President when he suggested anti-gay marriage Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis and her husband as possible nominees for Secretary of Health & Human Services and Secretary of Agriculture, respectively. America responded by doing its best to “unsee” that picture of the future.