Pence Is No Dummy

Donald Trump is reconsidering his choice of Mike Pence as Vice President.

After a hilariously terrifying interview on 60 Minutes where Trump guided Pence to some answers, Trump is having some regrets that he didn’t choose a ventriloquist dummy as VP.


If only Trump could find the hole to put his right hand to control Pence’s mouth, those interviews would go much smoother.

5 thoughts on “Pence Is No Dummy

      1. True. That’s why I thought he’d choose lapdog Christie. I am surprised by the Pence choice, except the white imagery that Mike Pence presents with that hair is probably startlingly reassuring to Trump supporters.


      2. Hahahaha!

        Christie still has that bridge-n-lap band stank on ‘im. Those who weren’t offended by the success of the former are still indignantly sanctimonious about the failure of the latter.

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