Trump Builds Legacy

The Republican presidential ticket of Donald Trump and Michael Pence is set to enhance the Trump legacy.

Trump: The Game – Lost in 1990

Trump Airlines – Crashed in 1992

Trumpnet – Disconnected in 1992 – Gone since 2007

Trump Mortgage – Foreclosed in 2007

Trump Tower Tampa – Toppled in 2007

Trump Steaks – Rare since 2008

Trump Magazine – Unread since 2009

Trump Ice – Frozen since 2010

Trump Vodka – Sober since 2011

Trump University – Dropped-out in 2011

Trump Casinos – Bankrupt for the 4th time in 2014

Trump/Pence ticket – Losers in 2016 & 2017

What? 2016 AND 2017? I know that seems unlikely even for a habitual loser like Donald Trump. Undoubtedly, after the upcoming loss in November of 2016, there will be claims of a rigged system, a demand for a recount, and possibly a lawsuit. All of this will enable Trump/Pence to lose again in 2017 after the recount. That begs the question, “Can there be a recount of a recount?”