The Joke Diet Actually Works?

Some of my most popular posts are about weight loss and diets. Readers really liked my Cereal Killer Diet post. It was meant as a joke. But then, I stepped on the scale last weekend and reacted like this …

Holiday gorging combined with no exercise due to illness left me wondering if I was really seeing those numbers on the scale. It’s demoralizing. You make progress in the good weather, try and hold the line in winter, and all it takes is one batch of extra-yummy Christmas cookies or a few days off from exercise and this happens …

Thanks to @buitengebieden who is a good Twitter follow and perfectly encapsulated my winter weight control experience with those two tweets.

In desperation, I put my Cereal Killer Diet (trademark pending) into practice this past week and lost two pounds. Now I’m not saying that eating more cereal is the only reason I lost weight. We finally got some snow around here, so I was out snowblowing several times which got my step count up. What I am saying is that there may be something to controlling your intake by eating food with a known caloric amount. For example, who knows what that leftover in the refrigerator with blue fuzz that has to be skimmed off totals as far as calorie count? I know exactly what my bran flakes with a half cup of milk contribute to my caloric intake. It’s few enough so that if I’m still hungry, I can pour myself a second bowl without worry.

Unfortunately for me, two pounds down is nowhere close to where I want to be. But it’s a start. Maybe I’ll stock up on cereal and give it a try for a few weeks while I write my future NY Times bestselling book, The Cereal Killer Diet (© 2023). And don’t forget my line of Cereal Killer Diet™ meal bars (patent pending). What are the ingredients? Cereal, duh! And of course, a powerful horse laxative, but that goes without saying.


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