Facebook Friend Fat Fail

I’m always surprised when I get an unsolicited Facebook friend request from someone I don’t know. I don’t accept all friend requests, but I do accept a few when I see we have mutual friends who I trust. Well, not all of them work out.

I was mildly interested to see this new Facebook friend is into weight loss.

Hey, me, too! I even have my own diet. We do have something in common. But why was this post in my notifications? Oh, right, this is why.

My new “friend” wants me and some others to lose weight. Look, I’ve admitted through this blog I’ve let my weight get away from me this winter. But this new friend tagged me in a post specifically for being tubby. I can call myself tubby, but I don’t appreciate a brand new Facebook friend suggesting I’m packing too much belly blubber.

In cases such as this, there is only one solution.

I encourage you to engage me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, but if you dare state the obvious that I need to lose weight …


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