On The Campaign Trail & a FREE Book!

I’ve been busy recently supporting local Democrat candidates by hitting the campaign trail while also working at my business and writing this biting humor blog.

Editor’s Note: This idiot once heard someone say that his blog bites, so that’s where he got the idea that this blog contains “biting humor.”

As the elected Democratic Precinct Committee Person for the area, my job is to deliver candidate literature, signs, and general encouragement to vote. That’s all well and good, and I am happy to do so. However, I was less than thrilled to be called this name as I arrived at a house …

Republican. Yep, they thought I was a Republican. And I hate to admit it, but it made sense. There I was, at their door:

  • Old
  • White
  • Male
  • Without my Democrat nametag

But I arrived on a bike. What Republican rides a bike? Maybe if there were more coal-powered bikes, they would.

Anyway, we straightened things out, and I was warmly invited to drop off some candidate signs.

I travel by bike because we have some driveways that are sometimes 150′ to 200′ long to navigate. Parking on the street and walking those driveways can be as tedious as my blog posts. I can bike right up to the front door most times. This past weekend offered gorgeous weather, and I had worn a swimsuit of sorts under my shorts. After biking quite a way to a far western neighborhood in my precinct, I wanted to stop on my way home at the local illegal swimming hole in a creek and take a symbolic last dip of the year into the water. It was this spot with a nice little sand beach.

When we used to live in our former Lake Charlotte neighborhood, I would swim in the neighborhood lake as late as mid-October. Of course, that swimming lake didn’t feature running water that was ice cold. My interest in doing a polar plunge on New Year’s Day has waned a bit after this experience. The only thing my dip in the creek was symbolic of was my idiocy.

Editor’s Note: Uh, never mind. I have nothing to add. Well said.

And finally, here’s one of the candidates who I am campaigning for. She and I joined the St. Charles Township Democrats about the same time. It’s very cool to see those like me who got political because of Trump now run to get elected. I want you to pay very close attention to this 30 second video starting at about the halfway point. The person who takes over speaking about the candidate at the halfway mark is not only strikingly handsome, but appears to be some sort of super-intelligent genius.

Editor’s Note: Vote Linda, despite Jim’s endorsement.

Speaking of politics, do all of you know I wrote a political potboiler of a novella titled My Parisitic Twin Wants to be President about the 2020 presidential race? Well, technically I was the editor while the parasitic twin actually “wrote” the book.

You can read it for FREE by clicking this link to Amazon. Then leave a nice review, okay? And if you didn’t like it, but feel you have to leave a review, how about something like this?

“I’ve been reading this book for seven days and already a week has passed.”


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