King for a Day or Sign of the Beast?

Famed Harvard attorney Laurence Tribe (@tribelaw) shared on Twitter this email he received from the Trump campaign.

Is a crown a part of the deal? I would so do this if I could get a crown. I would be unstoppable walking around like this …

At a minimum, I would want a badge just so I could commandeer yummy food trucks.

But this post should not just be considered another silly post from me at which you may choose to chuckle, chortle, or perhaps even guffaw. Let’s apply some serious numerology skills to “GREAT MAGA KING STATUS” as we have before with tongue firmly in cheek.

I assigned numbers to each letter based on their position in the alphabet. That’s pretty standard numerology stuff. But then take a look at what you get when I apply the scientific priciples of numerology to those words.

That’s right, 666 as in the Mark of the Beast. And then they provide their 100% agreement. It doesn’t take a genius to come to this conclusion. In fact, exactly the opposite applies.

Rather than leave this post on such a somber & contemplative note, have a listen to a cool live version of XTC’s King for a Day with Colin Moulding on lead vocals. He just had a birthday. Happy Birthday Colin.

If that doesn’t leave you with a smile, then maybe you deserve GREAT MAGA KING STATUS.


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