New Music for Old Rockers – End of Summer Six-pack

I haven’t done one of these posts in almost a year. Why? Well, these posts tend to be wildly unpopular, and not much new music has grabbed me by my ears and dry-humped my auditory cortex. I haven’t liked a lot of what I have heard until just recently. So, I have lumped some recent favorites all together in one post here for your listening enjoyment.

If you are indeed an old rocker with 1960’s musical memories, this first song may musically transport you back to that era. The following video was made with an intentionally nostalgic feel by a new UK band called The Heavy Heavy.

Next up is a band that I thought was no longer a band, the Afghan Whigs. I was partially correct. They dissolved in 2001, but reformed in 2012 to almost zero fanfare. I always loved their band name, but never really dug their sound … until this song.

I love the dreamy sound with a somewhat Middle Eastern feel in parts. Welcome back, Whigs. I didn’t miss you (I’m sure the feeling is mutual), but I like this song.

Another song with a lazy, hazy summer feel is a love song from Houndmouth. The song’s been out a while, but this video is quite new.

Before you fall asleep with these slow songs, allow me to introduce you to a rocker from Wunderhorse, which happens to be the recording alias of UK rocker Jacob Slater.

That song reminds me of a 1970’s Aerosmith sound, which is never a bad thing.

Sultry voice lovers should appreciate this song from Sharon Van Etten.

It’s a relatable song as we’ve all made mistakes. Seinfeld fans will love the Easter Egg that Van Etten included in the lyrics, “I dance like Elaine.”

Rounding out our six-pack is a real upbeat, summery number from UK duo Wet Leg.

Summer is fleeting. Get in the car, roll down your windows, crank up one of these summery tunes, and drive! But just around the block. Gas is still too expensive.


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