I’m Completely Lost on My Weight Loss Journey

I didn’t do a post about my weight loss/gain in March, but I planned to. I was so proud. The 1 single solitary pound I gained in February I was able to lose in March. Big deal, right? Well, for me, it was. I was all set to explain (with pictures!) how I was certain that taking a specific type of walk outside was responsible for losing that 1 single pound in March.

But then April happened. April showers bring May flowers, right? But snow showers? We had several snows at the beginning of April that kept me inside. And when it wasn’t snowing, it seemed to be raining. The clouds parted for a few days, including Easter, but Easter brought with it lots of chocolate. After Easter, it rained some more, sometimes in monsoon-like fashion. Most of my exercise was indoors in April. The pounds piled on unabated. How could I blog proudly about a 1 pound loss in March when I was porking out in April. I was ready to shrug, give up, and just accept what appeared was going to be a 5 pound weight GAIN in April when I got sick. Then the strangest thing happened.

No, I didn’t lose all that weight while sick. I certainly did no exercise while sick. I couldn’t. I got winded just changing my mind. My focus was to get healthy enough to go to a wedding where I could eat and drink. That wasn’t going to help me lose any weight, and I wouldn’t have minded if the meal portions were a bit larger. I compensated for the smaller portions by eating a lot of bread.

I was resigned to gaining 5 pounds in April. I wasn’t feeling great yesterday, Sunday the first of May, after pushing myself to get to the wedding and then cutting the lawn Saturday before the downpours (with tornadoes!) started again Saturday night. So, I didn’t do my weigh-in yesterday for April.

I weighed myself this morning after my first walking workout in 10 days, a modest 20 minutes on the treadmill. I then weighed myself once, twice, three times a lady. Sorry, I almost went all Lionel Ritchie on you. Anyway, the weight was the same each time … and the same as at the end of March! I’m not up 5 more pounds after April to be a hefty 10 pounds above my goal weight. I’m still sitting at a losable 5 pounds above where I set my goal weight last year. It’s like April never happened for me weightwise. I have no explanation as to why I all of a sudden lost the weight I know I had gained last month. I mean, I rested on my ass most of Sunday.

I start May confused about my weight, but why should weight be different than any other part of my life? My plan is to get back to my special outdoor walking workouts in May, and I should be able to get some cycling in without getting soaked or frozen. Maybe I can drop a couple pounds in May. Maybe not. Who knows? I know I don’t.


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