Funny Business in Town

The local theater in town is hosting a night of comedy on Cinco de Mayo.

That’s all well and good, except when I saw who would be performing.

Here’s the line-up per the website.

“Comedy, Tacos & Tequila!  Comedians Patti Vasquez, Joey Villagomez, and Jim Flannigan are joining us for a night of laughs you won’t soon forget.”

Is Club Arcada trying to use the enormous unpopularity of this blog in my adopted hometown and my status as a local D-List celebrity and elected obscure government official to promote their line-up of comedians for Cinco de Mayo? Sure, they have the comedian’s name spelled as Jim Flannigan rather than Jim Flanigan, but I often misspell my own name. I have a good mind to go there (No cover!) so that Jim Flanigan can heckle Jim Flannigan in person. I could use some of these insults.

  • Hey, I suck!
  • Go back to where I came from.
  • I turn Cinco de Mayo into Stinko de Mayo.
  • The best part of my routine is the end.

I could go on, but I want to surprise myself at the show with some that I haven’t already typed and then read while editing. Stinko de Mayo, heh heh. I crack myself up. Well, this is getting a bit too existential for me. Just remember, if you’re in town on Cinco de Mayo, stop by Club Arcada and see if Jim Flannigan/Flanigan performs and heckles himself.


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