Maddy About You

If you haven’t seen the Madison Cawthorn nude video, I can’t recommend it. There is no real way to unsee his pelvic thrusting toward his buddy’s face which Cawthorn has attempted to explain away as a crass bit of fooling around in an attempt at humor. Hey, that’s this blog! Stop stealing my bit, Maddy.

Anyway, I felt I should share some of my crass, foolish, and attempted humorous thoughts on it. See if you get my subtle points. But just a warning, buckle up before clicking to continue reading.

I don’t really care what Cawthorn’s sexual preference or proclivity is. Feel free to offer your oral arguments if you disagree. The naked truth is that I believe he can do what he wants with whomever he wants. But don’t video it so it gets posted online. I choose to not want to see men do that. What if the other man in the video was in our Armed Forces, perhaps in the Navy? A video like that could sink the career of a seaman. That would really suck, and I would hate to see a career go down in flames. I really don’t think that Cawthorn wants this video to be known as the climax of his political career like Dick Nixon is known for Watergate. I didn’t come to this conclusion easily. I thought long and hard about it. I just can’t swallow Cawthorn’s explanation that what is captured on the video was innocent horseplay. You know the old saying, “Where there’s horseplay, there’s a horse’s ass.” This time I think it is Madison Cawthorn.


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